During my ten year career as a stylist I have been fortunate enough to dress some incredible musicians, actors and private clients, giving me the opportunity to work to the highest standard all over the world.  


I love working with people and helping them confidently express their style and personality through their clothes. It’s amazing the difference investing in a well thought out wardrobe can make to your life, not to mention the time and money you can save if you’re no longer constantly worrying about what to wear. 

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With the pressures of a busy life it can be hard finding the time to make yourself look and feel your best. A rushed or uncomfortable outfit can spoil the way you feel at an event and a lack of wardrobe organisation can add stress to an already busy working day. 


Investing in your wardrobe is about much more than just having new clothes, it is about giving yourself the foundations and tools to feel your best every day. Whether you’re considering a stylish look for a special occasion or a wardrobe refresh to get you through the season, every session with me aims to maximise both your style and confidence. 

Personal Styling

The first session takes place at your house. We go through your wardrobe, trying things on, clearing out pieces that are no longer worn, organising what is to be kept and identifying style objectives. We can start to catalogue key pieces to create a look book of outfits and pin anything needing alteration. This is a fantastic stand alone session, that can be booked a couple of times a year to keep your wardrobe working perfectly and works especially well when booked with shopping and outfitting days.

The next step is the shopping day. By now I will have a good idea of what needs to be purchased to update your wardrobe or for a particular event and will either undertake a shopping day with you or, if you’re short on time, spend a day pulling pieces for a fitting at home. I aim to make this day as easy and straightforward as possible and will usually pre select some pieces before our appointment and use personal shopping suites where available.


A great way to get the most out of your new pieces is through an outfit building session. Again this takes place in your home where we integrate the new pieces we have bought with your existing wardrobe. During the fitting we finish cataloging pieces and work on look books for every day life, upcoming events or travel. You will be left with a well fitting, organised wardrobe and lots of outfit ideas.


All services are fully bespoke and tailored to you, so please contact kim@elliestidolph.com for more details and prices.
The process starts with an introductory phone call and whilst I do work with clients on a one off basis, to get the most out of this experience I recommend booking a combination of the three sessions outlined below.

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